The frames are available in: aluminium, stainless steel and brass and are the ideal accomodation for all Mat.en recessed mats.
Thanks to our interior carpentry circular shapes are also realizable or as directed by the customer.

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The finishing-lists are the ideal solution to hide the cut of the flooring and create a frame to anhy type and material mat.

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Containment tanks

The stainless steel containment tanks are the most suitable solution for those who, as well as wanting to edge their mat, they also need a perfectly full support surface, easy to clean and then hygienic.

Available in various shapes and sizes, thicknesses and depth are suitable both for aluminium technical mats and more traditional carpet like synthetic coir, vinyl curls or natural coir.

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Trailerable aluminium ramp

The contenitive aluminium ramp are the most suitable solution to avoid ledges and make the technical mats trailerable.
Thanks to the slope in accordance with the law and to the two different thicknesses are suitable for: strollers, people with disabilities and trolleys.

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Needle punched strips for replacement

To keep always performing and hygienic the technical mat, Mat.en recommends the replacement of the coating when is too worn or consumed.
It’s possibile to make the replacement on site or at the Mat.en’s headquarters or to the nearest dealer.

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Silicone for bonding

For those who wish to replace the coating by yourself is available this special silicone which is suitable for bonding the needle-punched coating.


When the size or the location of the mat imposes its division you can use these connectors to join permanently the different parts of the mat.

Acoustic foam

Applicable on narrow bar profiles reduces noise and vibration levels during the trasit of the mat.

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