The life od the structure of a technical mat, the possibility of regenerating it and undeniable advantages in terms of: security, hygiene and reduced times and cleaning fee they always make it an advantageous solution.

The collaboration with many end users and the SCRAPPING PROMOTION project allowed to collect data on the wear of the structure and of the coverings of mats daily subjected to intense traffic of: trucks and pallet trucks.

If well mantained, clean and laid of flat surfaces the metallic structure has proven to be still perfectly intact and functional after more thant 10 years of use, while for textile coatings it would be ideal to provide for a placement when they are too worn out and dirty, rubber coatings and brush or aluminium appear to be much longer as the structure in some cases.

A good general maintenance and the replacement of parts deteriorated over time make the mat totally performant again and prolong its life over time with a much lower cost than the purchase of a new mat.

When you plan to purchase a carpet we must consider that this will allow:

CLEANING TIMES AND COSTS Thanks to the mat that acts as a barrier at the entrance for: dust, dirt and water, cleaning will be reduced in time, generating an economic saving.
INJURIES An always cleana and dry flooring reduces the risk of falls due to wet and slippery floors.
SAFETY The high anti-slip power of the coatings and the Safeway lanes for the visually impaired, possibily even photoluminescent, to be used for escape rutes, make not only safe the carpet but also the structure that houses it.
ECOLOGY AND SUSTAINABILITY Thanks to their high cleaning power, Mat.en technical mats reduce the use of chemical detergents harmful to the environment, also being totally removable, turn out to be 100% recyclable.
All Mat.en technical mats are produced with energy form renewable sources and may contain more than 55% recycled content depending on the modal and finish selected.
AIR QUALITY In accordance with the LEED and WEEL Protocols, Mat.en technical mats contribute to the improvement of indoor air of the building thanks to the reduction of fine dust.
The carpets are built also respecting the VOC requirements.
DURATION AND SAFEGUARDING OF FLOORING Thanks to the removal of stones and pebbles from the soles you can avoid scratches or chipping of the floors and reduce the consumption of them.