Years of market experience has enabled Mat.en to understand what are the real needs of their clients and to follow paths which has led to achieve credits and certifications that proves the quality of products and processing.

Mat.en didn’t just do this but has made collaborations with external institutions, such as University and design and architecture stuides, to develop prototypes and to get important data about the strenght of their profiles or their rendering to be included in the autocad projects.

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    Our certifications

    Quality certification ISO 9001:2015Company certification
    Since 2000, first as Arwei Italiana and then as Mat.en, the company is certified ISO 9001:2015 quality.

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    Non-split certification standard DIN 51130Technical mats
    Mat.en technical mats have been tested to slipping by the inclined ramp method achieving very satisfactory results (R12 for the needle punched and R13 for the nylon brush).

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    Fireproof certificationProducts
    Many articles are fireproof certified Cfl-s1 and Bfl-s1 class, among these are obviously present all the moquettes designed for temporary installations, but above all the technical aluminium mats Fireproof model with needle-punched cover Bfl-s1 class.

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    Recycled components ISO 14021 Technical mats
    The Mat.en technical mats are built with the environment in mind and in every one there is an important amount of recycled material (pre and post-consumer).
    The pre-consumer material is defined as material diverted from waste stream during the manufacturing process.
    The post-consumer material is defined as waste material generated by households or by retail, industrial, institutional spaces in their role as product end-users, which can no longer be used for its purpose.
    The content of recycled material is defined in accordance with the international standard ISO 14021 – Labels and environmental declarations.

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    Study of static and dynamic range of technical mats Technical mats
    The design of new aluminium and pvc profile was performed in collaboration with DICATAM engineers department – Department of Civil, Environmental, Architectural Engeneering and Mathematics of the University of Brescia with which were also performed dynamic and static flow test over all aluminium profiles of Maten’s mats.

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    Mapping LEED v4Technical mats
    More and more buildings are built following the LEED, BREEAM or WELL protocol, where, between the various requirements, are scheduled rollable mats, cleanable and regenerable and that emit a low VOC content. Mat.en technical mats are suitable and provided of LEED mapping realized in collaboration with the TUV institute.

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    VOC eminssions – Entrance matting
    The technical mats with FIREPLATE finish have been tested according to the Indoor Air Comfort GOLD ® protocol obtaining excellent results: A+ class for the French VOC Regulation, the exemplary level of BREEAM International and the approval according to AgBB, LEED V 4.1 BETA, Belgian Regulation, Italian CAM Edilizia protocols.
    The certification refers to the entire technical mat.

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    CE marking and DOP EN 14041:2004 licensigTechnical mats
    The FIREPLATE finish on the technical mats allows their marking and the release of a DOP (Declaration of Performance) according to the EN 14041:2004 regulation necessary for the LEED projects.

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