Mat.en sanitizes your soles.

Always attentive to market demands, Mat.en, in the new production site, is equipped to perform the sanitization of its articles: technical mats, inalyed carpets, doormats..


Thanks to the partnership with a leading company in the production of sanitizers, has been selected a cleaning liquid which has no contraindications on the structure of the mats.

The carpets, before shipment, are treated with this liquid which makes possible to make the mat:


HYGIENIC and SANITIZING: the high content of alcohol (75% vol.) deep cleans and sanitizes killing germs and bacteria that can be nested on the surface of the mat and on the sole of shoes.

PERFUMED: thyme essential oil, as well as having a natural antiseptic action, gives a pleasant scent to the carpet also removing any bad odours.

The tratement has a duration that depends by the location of the carpet and by the transit on it, but is possible to refresh it by purchasing the Mat.en specific detergent.


The recommended frequency of treatment you can buy Mat.en consumables like the detergent\sanitizer liquid in 5L canisters or the sanitizing spray in 400ml cans.